Soft Corals - Zoas and Palys

Soft Corals - Zoas and Palys

Zoanthids and Palythoa are the underwater flowers of the reefkeeping hobby.  Available in an infinite number of colors, patterns, and sizes - this group is highly sought after and very collectable.  

Like most other soft corals, they tolerate a wider range of water and lighting conditions but normal reef parameters should be provided if possible. All members of this group contain zooxanthellae and therefore receive most of their energy/nutrition from photosynthesis, but periodic spot feedings are beneficial to increase growth rates.

Zoas and Palys colonies are easily divided by cutting between polyps with a sharp razor knife but care should be taken as some members of this group contain a toxin that is poisonous.  Gloves are a good precaution when handling especially when fragging these corals.

Pests include Zoanthid Eating Nudibranches and Zoa Spiders.

All Zoanthids arriving at our facility are dipped, placed in quarantine and observed for any signs of pests.  We routinely redip these corals several times before and after fragging to help insure you receive the healthiest stock available.

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Blue Haired Blue Eyed B$@#&% (AKA Blondies) - 2 Polyps -50%
Blondie Zoanthids. Size:  2 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLightin..
$60.00 $30.00
Blue Shuriken Zoanthids. 3 Polyp Frag Pre-Order
Blue Shuriken Zoanthids. 3 Polyp FragSize: 3 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLight..
Captain America Palys 2 Polyps Out Of Stock
Frag of Captain America Palys. Size:  2 Polyp FragCare Level..
Cat's Eye Zoas 4 Polyp -63%
An Ultra Morph of Cat's EyesSize:  4 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLig..
$48.00 $18.00
Devils Armour Palys. 3 Polyps -45% Out Of Stock
Devils Armour Palys. 3 PolypsSize:  3+Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLightin..
$44.00 $24.00
Dragon Eye Zoanthids 3 Polyps -53%
Dragon Eye ZoanthidsSize: 3 PolypsCare Level: IntermediateLighting: Medium ..
$60.00 $28.00
Eagle Eye Zoas WYSOS 4+ Polyps -28%
WYSOS (what you see or similar) 4+ polyp fragSize:  4+ Polyp FragCare Level:..
$39.00 $28.00
Electric Oompa Loompa Palys. 1 PolypSize:  1 Polyp FragCare Level: Easy ..
Emeralds on Fire Zoanthids 2 Polyp Out Of Stock
Emerals on Fire Zoanthids*** Restricted Species Guarantee - See Live Arrival Guarantee for more ..
Fire and Ice Zoas. 5+ PolypsSize:  5+ Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLi..
Fruit Loop Zoas WYSOS 4 Polyps Out Of Stock
WYSOS 3-4 Polyps. Size:  3-4 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: L..
Green Bay Packer ZoanthidsSize:  8 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: ..
Joker Palys- 4 Polyps -40%
Joker Palys - 4 Polyp Frag.Care Level: EasyLighting: Low-MediumWat..
$40.00 $24.00
Joker Palys. 2 Polyps -33%
Joker Palys. 2 PolypsSize:  2 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: ..
$24.00 $16.00
Kedds Redds Zoas- 4 PolypsSize:  4 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLight..
Kedds Redds Zoas-10+ Polyps Out Of Stock
Kedds Redds Zoas-10+ PolypsSize:  10 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting..
Lunar Eclipse Palys.  2 PolypsSize:  2  Polyp FragCare Level:&nbs..
Lunar Eclipse Palys.  4  PolypsSize:  4  Polyp FragCare Leve..
Nuclear Green Palys 3 Polyp frag -33%
WYSOS 3 Polyps (what you see or similar)Size: 3  Polyp FragCare Level: ..
$36.00 $24.00
Pink and Gold Palys 5+ Polyps -65% Out Of Stock
WYSOS - What you see or similar, 5 polp frag or larger.Size:  5+ &nbs..
$34.00 $12.00
Purple Death Palys 3 Polyps -42%
Frag of Purple Death Palys.Size:  Min 3 PolypsCare Level: Easy-Interme..
$48.00 $28.00
WYSOS12 + Polyp Frag Size:  12+ Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLigh..
Radioactive Dragon Eyes 6+ Polyp -56%
WYSOS (what you see or similar) 6+ PolypSize:  6+ Polyp FragCare Level:&n..
$18.00 $8.00
Rainbow Eclipse Palys- 2 Polyp Frag Out Of Stock
 Size:  2 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: MediumWater Flow:&..
Rasta Zoanthids-Per Polyp -26%
Rasta ZoanthidsSize:  1 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Low-..
$19.00 $14.00
Rasta Zoanthids. 5 Polyp Frag -36%
Rasta Zoanthids. 5 Polyp FragSize:  5 PolypsLighting: Low-MediumWater Flow..
$75.00 $48.00
Red Hornets  2 Polyp Out Of Stock
WYSOS - What you see or similiar - Min 2 Polyps Size:  3-4 Polyp Frag..
Red People Eater Zoas. 3 PolypsSize:  3 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLight..
 We have been farming these zoas since 2003.Size:  3 Polyp FragCar..
Space Monster Palys 4 Polyp Out Of Stock
4 PolypSize:  4 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Low-Medium ..
Sunny D Zoanthids. 2 PolypsSize:  2 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLightin..
Sunny D Zoanthids.1 PolypSize:  1 PolypCare Level: IntermediateLig..
Tubbs Blue Zoanthids- 5 Polyp Frag Out Of Stock
Tubbs Blue Zoanthids- 5 Polyp FragJohn Dakan has been farming these Beautiful Zoas for well over..
Utter Chaos 1 Polyp Out Of Stock
 Size:  1 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Low-MediumWat..
Utter Chaos 3 Polyp Out Of Stock
 Size:  3 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Low-MediumWat..
  Vivid Rainbow Palys Size:  2 Polyp FragCare Level:&nb..
WYSOS 10+ PolypSize:  10+ Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Lo..
Wam-N-Watermelon 5+ Polyps -68%
WYSOS  5+ Polyp FragSize:  5+ Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting..
$28.00 $9.00
YR Blue Alien Eye Zoas WYSOS 5+ Polyp Out Of Stock
 WYSOS 5+ PolypSize:  Min 5 PolypsCare Level: IntermediateLighting: Low-M..
WYSOS (what you see or similar) 4 Polyp +Size:  4 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLi..