LPS Corals

LPS Corals

Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals generally have a calcium carbonate skeleton with an exposed large soft polyp.  These corals generally prefer lower flow because of the large amount of fleshy tissue that is exposed.  Many LPS species are bottom dwellers preferring the sandy substrate of the ocean floor to that of the reef crest.  They do not require the demanding water or flow parameters of SPS corals so they are relatively easy to keep in comparsion.

These corals benefit greatly from periodic feeding  and are able to capture much larger food particles with their tenticles then SPS corals. These corals do require extra room as many have tentacles that sweep the area surrounding the coral, stinging any intruders that violate their space.  

The three basic growth patterns are plating, branching and LPS that grow in ridges like an open brain.


We maintain our coral collection in several different locations to provide redundant sources of our farming stock. As some of these mother colonies have been actively farmed by Your Reef for ten years or more, insuring their long term survival is clearly important to us.  As a result not all items shown as in stock on the website are currently available at our retail location.  If you are planning a trip to our retail store and want a specific piece shown on the site, please order through the website and specify "In Store Pickup" as the delivery method.  Call or email us to determine the best time to visit to pick up your order.

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Atlantis Meteor Shower Cyphastrea -40%
Atlantis Meteor Shower CyphastreaSize: 1"Care Level: IntermediateLighting: M..
$40.00 $24.00
Bubble Gum Monster Chalice 3/4 to 1" Pre-Order
Bubble Gum Monstor Chalice 3/4 to 1" fragSize: 3/4 to 1"Care Level: Intermediate..
Golden Galaxy Chalice Out Of Stock
Frag of the Tyree Golden Galaxy Chalice.Size: 3/4"Care Level: IntermediateLi..
WYSOS (what you see or similar)Size: 1" FragCare Level: Easy/ModerateLight..
Green Duncan Coral- 2 Heads -47% Out Of Stock
Green Duncan Coral- 2 HeadsSize:  2 HeadsCare Level: Easy-IntermediateL..
$34.00 $18.00
1" Frag of the original Hollywood Stunner Chalice- AKA Sand Dollar Chalice We originally re..
Jason Fox LE John Deere Leptastrea Pre-Order
Jason Fox John Deere Leptastrea3/4 to 1" frag from this amazing LeptastreaSize:&..
Jason Fox PPE Cyphastrea 3/4 Inch Frag Out Of Stock
Size: 3/4" fragCare Level: IntermediateLighting: MediumWater Flow: MediumPlacement: ..
Joker Favia- 3/4-1" Frag -33%
Frag of the Joker Favia.Size: 3/4- 1" FragCare Level: IntermediateLight..
$42.00 $28.00
Kryptonite Candy Cane. 2 Heads -41% Out Of Stock
Kryptonite Candy Cane. 2 HeadsSize:  2 headsCare Level: Easy/Moderate..
$44.00 $26.00
LPS Frag Pack- 05 Frags -20%
We offer a 5 & 10 pack of LPS frags.  We hand select your lps from one of our many farming ..
$99.00 $79.00
LPS Frag Pack- 10 Frags -22%
We offer a 5 & 10 pack of LPS frags.  We hand select your lps from one of our many farming ..
$179.00 $139.00
LPS Frag Pack- 20 Frags -17%
We offer a 5,10 & 20 pack of LPS frags.  We hand select your lps from one of our many farmi..
$299.00 $249.00
Mia's Pot of Gold Favia 2 Heads Out Of Stock
WYSOS - What you see or similiar frag - 2 to 3 heads Size:  2 - 3..
Miami Hurricane Chalice. 3/4 to 1 Inch Frag -47% Out Of Stock
Original OG Miami Hurricane Chalice. We have had this coral in our collection since 2006/07.&nbs..
$64.00 $34.00
Mummy Eye Chalice Out Of Stock
Frag of the Mummy Eye Chalice.Size:  3/4" (1 eye)Care Level: Intermediate ..
Oregon Mummy Eye Chalice 1/2 to 3/4" 1-2 eyes Out Of Stock
Frag of the Oregon Mummy Eye Chalice.Size:  1/2"-3/4"Care Level: Expert..
1/2" - 3/4" Frag of this beautiful chalice - 1 Eye MinSize:  1/2" - 3/4" &..
Red War CoralSize: 1" FragCare Level: Easy/ModerateLighting: Low-Medium ..
Space Invader Pectinia 3/4"-1" Out Of Stock
LE Space Invader PectiniaSize:  3/4" - 1"  frag, 1 eyeCare Level: Inte..
Size: 1 Inch Baby (from Mother Colony)Care Level: IntermediateLighting: Low-MediumW..
Tyree Blue Echinopora lamellosa Chalice -84%
1" Frag of the original Tyree Blue Lamellosa Chalice We originally received this Coral from..
$44.00 $7.00
Tyree Cyphastrea Decadia -42%
Frag of the Tyree Cyphastrea Decadia.Size: 3/4"Care Level: IntermediateLight..
$48.00 $28.00
WYSOS - What you see or similiar frag - Min 1" of this Tyree Auction Edition Pastel Favia..
3/4" - 1" Frag of this Tyree LE CoralWYSOS (what you see or similar)Size: 3/4" - 1"..
Tyree Rainbow Delight Chalice Out Of Stock
Tyree , Jason Fox Rainbow Delight ChaliceSize:  3/4 to 1" FragCare Level: I..
Tyree Robokaki Chalice -66%
Tyree Robokaki ChaliceSize:  3/4" - 1"  frag, 1 eyeCare Level: Interme..
$64.00 $22.00
Tyree Triton Favia 3-4 Heads Pre-Order
WYSOS - What you see or similiar frag - 3 to 4 HeadsSize:  3-4 HeadsCare Le..
Vivids Watermelon Chalice Pre-Order
Frag of the Original Vivids Watermelon Chalice*** Restricted Species Guarantee - See Live Arriva..
YR Bazooka Joe Chalice 3/4 to 1" frag Out Of Stock
 The Original Bazooka Joe - 3/4 to 1" frag with 2 eyes.We originally aquired t..
YR Doomsday Chalice 1 - 2 Eyes Out Of Stock
A frag of our Doomsday Chalice - Discovered by Your Reef and aquacultured in our farming systems&nbs..
YR Dragons Revenge Favia Pre-Order
Frag of our YR Dragons Revenge Favia.Size:  1 headCare Level: Intermediate ..
YR Fire and Ice War Coral -50%
 Size:  1"Care Level: IntermediateLighting: MediumWater Flow: ..
$44.00 $22.00
YR Forbidden Zone Blastomussa Wellsi WYSOS Out Of Stock
WYSOS  (what you see or similar) 1 head fragSize:  1 HeadCare Level: ..
YR Grape Ape Favia- 2 Eyes -30%
 Size:  2 EyesCare Level: IntermediateLighting: Medium ..
$56.00 $39.00
YR Hypnosis Chalice 1-2 Eye Out Of Stock
Frag of our YR Hypnosis Chalice.Size:  1/2" (1 -2 eyes)Care Level: Expert ..
YR LA Lakers Turbinara 3/4 - 1" -63%
WYSOS Frag - What you see or Similiar frag - Size 3/4 - 1"Size: 3/4 - 1" FragCare Level:..
$48.00 $18.00
YR Moons of Endor Chalice -35%
3/4" - 1" Frag of this highly sought after Limited Edition Chalice ..
$199.00 $129.00