We maintain our coral collection in several different locations to provide redundant sources of our farming stock. As some of these mother colonies have been actively farmed by Your Reef for ten years or more, insuring their long term survival is clearly important to us.  As a result not all items shown as in stock on the website are currently available at our retail location.  If you are planning a trip to our retail store and want a specific piece shown on the site, please order through the website and specify "In Store Pickup" as the delivery method.  Call or email us to determine the best time to visit to pick up your order.

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Aquascene Original Echinata AKA Icefire TFP Out Of Stock
Aquascene Echinata , AKA Icefire EchinataHistory - John of YR Aquarium and his friend Dale ..
Atlantis Meteor Shower Cyphastrea -28%
Atlantis Meteor Shower CyphastreaSize: 1"Care Level: IntermediateLighting: M..
$40.00 $29.00
Frag of the Atlantis Red Star Cyphastrea.Size: 3/4"Care Level: IntermediateL..
Bali Green Slimer. 3/4 - 1 Inch Frag Out Of Stock
Frag of the Bali Green Slimer. Size:  3/4- 1" FragCare Level: Intermed..
Blonde Haired Blue Eyed B$@#&% (AKA Blondies) - 3 Polyps Out Of Stock
Blondie Zoanthids. Size:  3 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Lo..
Blue Mushroom -36% Out Of Stock
1 Bright blue mushroomSize: One mushroomCare Level: EasyLighting: LowWater..
$28.00 $18.00
Blue Rhino WYSOS 2 Polyp Out Of Stock
WYSOS Frag - Min 2 PolypsSize:  2 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLighting: Low-Medi..
Blue Shuriken Zoanthids. 3 Polyp Frag Out Of Stock
Blue Shuriken Zoanthids. 3 Polyp FragSize: 3 Polyp FragCare Level: EasyLight..
Blue Spot Mushroom Out Of Stock
Blue Spot MushroomSize: 1 Mushroom about 1"Care Level: EasyLighting: low/Med..
Blue Sympodium. 1" fragSize: 3/4 to 1"Care Level: Easy/IntermediateLighting:..
Bubble Gum Monster Chalice 3/4 to 1" Pre-Order
Bubble Gum Monstor Chalice 3/4 to 1" fragSize: 3/4 to 1"Care Level: Intermediate..