Atlantis Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

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Atlantis Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

Size: 1"

Care Level: Intermediate

Lighting: Medium

Water Flow: Medium

Placement: Bottom-Middle (depending on light intensity)

Minimum Water Conditions: 76-81° F, Salinity 1.024-1.026, dKH 8-10, PH 8.1-8.3, CA 350+, MG 1350+

Recommended Water Conditions

Although most corals can survive in a variety of water conditions we try to maintain the following water chemistry in our Farming, Display, and Holding tanks: 

Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate < 5 ppm, Phosphate <.10 ppm, dKH 8-9.5, CA 420-450 ppm, MG 1350-1400 ppm, Salinity 1.025-1.026 and Temp at 78-80 degrees.

Recommended Lighting Conditions

At Your Reef Aquarium we run a variety of Metal Halide, T-5 and LED fixtures over our Aquariums and prefer to use 20K Metal Halides for farming purposes. Most full spectrum lights that provide PAR Levels of 250 or above at water level are adequate for the majority of corals, however for SPS we recommend PAR Levels at 500 or above at water level. To ensure you are getting the best color out of your corals we recommend a bulb color temperature of 14K or above. We prefer a color temperature of 20K on our systems. If you’re running LED Lighting on an SPS tank be sure to use one of the full spectrum light fixtures such as the GHL Mitras or EcoTech Radion Pro.

Recommended Water Flow

Water flow is also an important aspect of keeping SPS corals.  SPS corals need non linear random flow for proper removal of the waste products of photosynthesis. We like to use 50x tank volume as the min. recommended turnover.rate - a 75 gallon tank should have about 4000 gph of flow.